Welcome to the grasslands of the “world down under”, where huge marsupials hop like rabbits and chew cud like cows. Birds that are too big to fly.  Experience the upside down world of some of Australia’s most unusual wildlife here at Turtleback Zoo!

Meet our Great Gray Kangaroos.  This commanding breed can stand 5 feet tall and leap over 30 feet in one bound!  Strong back limbs provide the power and speed that these pouched animals are known for.  Now, if you are ready for an engaging mini, check out our Bennett’s Wallabys.  These creatures, though similar to Kangaroos in habits and appearance, are a different species altogether.  Small, compact and full of energy, they are inquisitive and quick to flee.

Don’t check the skies above for our Emu.  The world’s second largest flightless bird weighs in at about 100 pounds and may reach up to 6 feet in height.  This 3 toed wonder can lay an egg so big that it equals a chicken’s dozen.  And although the female lays the eggs, it is the male Emu that protects the nest and raises the young.  Just another example of Australia’s truly wild life!

Home to 500 free flight Australian grass parakeets as well as Laughing Kookaburras and dazzling lorikeets, the Outback Aviary is a unique experience for visitors to interact with some of Australia’s amazing wildlife. Visitors can purchase a feed stick and have birds literally eating out of their hands. The aviary is open beginning mid-May through the end of September.*

* Weather permitting.


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