Attention TEACHERS, SCOUT LEADERS and PARENTS, especially those with large groups:
Please read this to your class, children, aides, counselors and other helping parents before you enter the zoo.
Following these simple rules will make your visit and those of other guests enjoyable!

  1. Please Do Not feed the animals. They have special diets that they are fed.
  2. Please Do Not poke at the animals, throw objects in the animal areas or harass the animals. These actions and objects are harmful, and may cause serious medical problems.
  3. Please Do Not run or scream through the zoo or gardens, or hang on the trees! Remember: you do not like to be screamed at, and neither do the animals. Besides, you may disturb other visitors as well as frighten the animals.
  4. Peacocks and Peahens roam the zoo freely. Please enjoy watching these beautiful birds. Please Do Not chase, feed or touch them. The following items are not allowed on zoo grounds: balloons, pinatas, whistles, styrofoam coolers and alcoholic beverages.
  5. Please Do go directly to the Guest Relations Office should you or someone in your group get lost, so that we may reunite you with your group.
  6. Please Do go directly to the Guest Relations Office if someone in your group gets hurt, or locate the nearest zoo worker, who will notify our main office so that we may help you immediately.
  7. Please Do enjoy our animals in their habitats. They like to lay in the sun or play in the dirt. Watch and learn from the animals.
  8. Please Do ask questions as to why a wolf howls or what is that noise the crane is making? One of our Docent volunteers or Staff members would love to share their knowledge and help you in any way!

Thank You for coming to our zoo — please enjoy the animals as much as we do!!!

*** Violation of our DO NOT rules will require the zoo management to ask your group to leave the premises. ***