Party for the Planet: Spring into Action


Planet Earth is our home.  To echo the famed author Carl Sagan’s words, we literally live on a pale blue dot in space: the place where our friends and families have lived for generations, creating memories and new experiences every day.  Today, we want you to think about this: what does Planet Earth mean to you?  

For us at TBZ, it means protecting and conserving what we love, what we share, no matter where we are: a love of nature.  From Australia’s fragile Barrier Reef to the regal Rocky Mountains of the United States, we advocate for all creatures great and small.  Planet Earth is home to more than just humanity.  It’s home to our wild things, some of which are endangered or at risk of extinction.


Earth Day and Party for the Planet

In 2021, Earth Day will be celebrated from April 20-22.  To honor the spirit and mission of Earth Day, Turtle Back Zoo will be hosting a Party for the Planet throughout the spring season.  Party for the Planet, an AZA initiative, leverages the impact and reach of AZA accredited zoos and aquariums, including TBZ, to share conservation information and resources with millions of visitors around the world.

This Spring, visit us at Essex County Turtle Back Zoo:  learn how to be a catalyst for meaningful change,  join the movement to save at-risk wildlife, and discover how you can make a difference.  Can’t make it to the zoo?  Check out our activities below to learn how you can help from home and tag us @TurtlebackZoo on Twitter and Facebook or @officialturtlebackzoo on TikTok and Instagram!


Stewardship Resources and Activities

  • Check out our wildlife-friendly guide for changes you can make at home to support wildlife locally and globally:  How You Can Help
  • Party for the Planet Scavenger Hunt for when you come to Turtle Back Zoo, included with Zoo Admission.  Explore TBZ to find the answers!  TBZ Scavenger Hunt
  • Can’t make it to the zoo?  Try out our Virtual Scavenger Hunt that you can play from home!  Visit GooseChase and download the app on your phone to play.  Use code: QMR6ZX.  Available until July 1st.
  • Turtle Back Zoo inspired animal masks you can color and wear when you visit the zoo, or just to show your support (don’t forget to tag us if you post a picture to social media):  zoo masks
  • Learn more about the mission of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and the conservation initiatives it supports around the world:
  • Did you know that Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970? is the organization that promotes global conservation education and stewardship through its Earth Day initiative.


Learn How You Can Step-up for Wildlife; Check Out Our Conservation Videos Featuring the Animals of Turtle Back Zoo

We are working on closed captions for future video content, but in the meantime we want to accommodate everyone!  Please reach out to our Education Team at or for transcripts with timestamps or other accommodation requests.


Welcome to Party for the Planet from Dr. Jilian Fazio, Director of TBZ



Amur Leopard Conservation Challenges 



Australian Outback and Climate Change



Bald Eagle Conservation Success



American Bison and Prairie Restoration



Northern White-cheeked Gibbon and Sustainable Palm Oil



Giraffe and Conservation Research



Reptiles and Amphibians Conservation Awareness



Sea Lions and Ocean Health

  • Date March 26, 2021
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