Wolf Woods

Wolf Woods

Sponsored by Wells Fargo, our Wolf Woods includes expansive glass panels that allow visitors to feel like member of the pack. Several viewing stations let you see the wolves from different angles. The exhibit is very naturalistic. You will see wolves crossing a stream, lying on logs and rock out crops, and coming right to the window to greet you.

What is a wolf? Well, a wolf is related to the pet dogs we have at home. Wolves are smart. They are friendly and playful – with other wolves of course. They are loyal to the members of their pack, just as a pet dog is loyal to its master. They are not malicious and evil as history portrays them. There are no records of wolves hurting humans when they are encountered in their natural settings.

Conservation education is now changing the perception of the wolf. Reintroduction programs are being implemented and captive wolves in zoos, and wolf research centers are being maintained to insure that the genetic purity of wolf species is preserved.

Wolves can be found in North America, Europe, and Asia. Expanding development, farming, and ranching activity has drastically reduced the wolf’s range and population. Suitable habitat now restricts wolves to remote areas of their traditional range. Conservation Education efforts will hopefully protect and preserve wolves throughout the world.




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