Reptile Center

Reptile Center

Immerse yourself into the world of reptiles.  Watching over you will be a life size pterodactyl that ruled the skies of planet earth 150,000 million years ago. Through large glass panels you can closely view turtles, snakes, and lizards.  Hopefully a connection will be made that creates an appreciation for the misunderstood reptiles.  You will, however, have to search for many of them.  Animals are presented in their natural habitats. You will experience how their camouflage protects them.

Featured is a komodo dragon, the world’s largest lizard, he shares the exhibit with two giant Asian mountain tortoises and a flock of zebra finches.  Living together are the Gila monster and Mexican beaded lizard, the world’s only venomous lizards. You will feel that you can almost touch the sixteen foot reticulated python.

This snake can reach thirty feet in length.

Look in the tree branches for the Solomon Island skink.  He shares his space with a pair of white crested laughing thrushes. Other species to be encountered are green tree boas, chameleons, the colorful Thai bamboo racer, Vietnamese mossy frogs, the unique hellbender, a collection of the very colorful green, blue, and yellow poison dart frogs, and New Jersey’s endangered bog turtle.  Also to be found is a gargantuan tarantula and nine inch stick insects.  You will have to be a good observer.  They have excellent camouflage.

The exhibits have extensive graphics and there are educational panels about New Jersey’s endangered reptiles and amphibians and the recent extinction of some species. Visitors can learn animal facts using interactive educational flip panes.  Take time to closely examine the crocodilian and Komodo dragon skulls and snake skeleton.


Komodo Dragon


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