Essex Farm

Essex Farm

Nestled between the pines at the top of Turtleback Zoo is Essex Farm. Our cozy farm setting houses a special collection of hand-raised farm animals sure to delight! This fun hands-on farm welcomes visitors to feed and get close to animals that have been vital to human civilization for thousands of years.

Home to a variety of horses, goats, sheep, and fowl, the farm also boasts a few unforgettable animals. Imagine a horse that weighs as much as a car! Goats that give milk, and a pig that is as smart as a dog! Everything you thought you knew about farm animals and more!!

Don’t miss the popular Pony Rides station located next to the barn at Essex Farm. Our ponies and their handlers can provide your child with an exciting riding experience!


Pony rides, Horses, Goats, Pigs, and more


Open year-round

Interactive Exhibit

Feed and Pet + Pony Rides

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