River Otter

River Otter

Feeling playful, full of energy and love to swim?  Then splash into the world of our North American River Otter! Fresh water cascades down from the rock ledges into a babbling stream and viewing pond for the enjoyment of our frisky mustelid!

A cousin to the musk-scented skunk, badger and wolverine, this puppy-like mammal is hard to imagine as a voracious hunter, but don’t be fooled by looks.   In the wild, the carnivorous otter is constantly on the search for prey using its’ keen sense of smell, its’ flexible muscular body and strong jaws.

On land and in the water, Turtle Back Zoo’s River Otter displays these same intense hunting skills.  Well, in between afternoon naps and playing rounds of high spirited “otter games” of course!


River Otter


Open year-round

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