Sea Lion Sound

Sea Lion Sound

Transport yourself to the pacific northwest by visiting the sea lion sound exhibit! Located in the center of the Zoo near the Penguin Coast Exhibit, this natural habitat-themed display features an 103,000-gallon pool for sea lions. Whether they are basking on rock formations or deep diving in the pool, sea lions are always the center of attention. The exhibit has views from underwater in a lower level area, at water level under a “sea-side” dock structure and above water at the “beach” area, so you can always catch the sea lions in action! These social marine mammals are love visitors and are ready to play!


Sea Lions



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Seafood Watch

Did you know many of the fish we enjoy are in trouble due to destructive fishing and farming practices.

You can help by purchasing seafood caught or farmed in ways that support a healthy ocean – now and for future generations.

ASK “Do you sell sustainable seafood?” Let businesses know this is important to you.

BUY Best Choices. If unavailable, look for Good Alternatives or the eco-certifies options found on the Seafood Watch app and website.

CHOOSE to support Seafood Watch partners when dining and shopping.


Download the free Seafood Watch APP to always know the best choices available to you.




May 30, 2021

 11am -3pm

Included with zoo admission

Join Turtle Back Zoo’s sea lion team in celebrating World Sea Lion Day!

Come out to Sea lion Sound and see our two California sea lions, JR and Zeus, celebrating along with us. You’ll learn all about California sea lions and specifically about our very own residents.


Join our coloring competition for World Sea Lion Day!

Sea lions are an important part of our ecosystems on the western coast of North America but are facing severe problems, like ocean warming and over fishing! These issues in the ocean can lead to mass sea lion stranding to due starvation and illnesses. To help with these problems, organizations like Sea World’s rescue team take in sick and injured wildlife, rehabilitate them, and release them back into their natural environments. Rescue efforts like this have helped thousands of marine mammals, reptiles, and birds!

We are asking for a donation of 3 dollars to enter this coloring competition and the winner will win a California sea lion painting by either JR or Zeus!  Half of the proceeds with go directly towards our enrichment items for our animals here at Turtle Back Zoo! The other half will be donated to Sea World’s rescue teams so they can continue saving animals lives and cleaning up our oceans! Submission period ends Sunday, May 30, 2021 at 11:50pm.

To Enter:

  1. Draw an image of a California sea lion celebrating World Sea Lion Day!
  2. Fill out the entry form below.
  3. Submit payment and drawing.
  4. (Optional) Once your image is submitted, post it to Instagram, tag @officialturtlebackzoo, and hashtag the photo with #TBZworldsealionday to show your support!


  1. Drop off your drawn image at the table at Sea Lion Sound on World Sea Lion Day (Sunday, May 30, 2021) when you visit! Be sure to write your name and email address on the back to be contacted if you win!
  2. Donate your entry fee at the table at Sea Lion Sound.

Crossword puzzle: COMING SOON!

Print out this crossword puzzle, have some fun, learn more about California sea lions and some of the other aspects that go into a Zoo! Good luck!

sea lion day crossword

Please view some important resources below!

Seafood Watch

Allows you to find sustainable seafood options to make sure we leave enough fish in the oceans for the animals!



To learn all about the Marine Mammal Protection Act, click the link!


Sea World Conservation Fund

To learn about the organization and the efforts they’ve put forward to help protect and conserve wildlife!

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