Sophisticated Science Seminars

Sophisticated Science Seminars

About Sophisticated Science Seminars at TBZ

Sophisticated Science Seminars are conservation programs geared towards more adult audiences (ages 14+).  Seminars run throughout the year and span topics such as animal anatomy, habitats and conservation, animal careers, and more. These programs are perfect for those interested in animals, science, conservation, and nature who want to learn something new in a relaxed atmosphere. Additional topics will continue to be developed throughout the upcoming months as well, so be on the lookout for updates! Topics and descriptions of each can be found below. 

Upcoming Topics and Registration Links – registrations to open soon!

Extended Series

Healing our Habitats: A four-part series. Explore how animals are dispersed throughout different habitats, how animals have evolved to thrive in each, and where they’re located on a global scale. Discover some endangered species, the conservation threats they face, and how we can do our part to help them.

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Amazing Anatomy: Compare the anatomies of different types of animals – everything from fish to reptiles to mammals – in this series. The first session will cover digestive systems and how they’re adapted to fit the diets of their respective animals. The next session will discuss the skeletal system and how it has evolved over time. The following session will cover respiratory and circulatory systems and how they vary among different species. More organ systems will continue to be added as well, so stay tuned!

Back to the Future with Fossils:  A three-part series. Dive into the history of animal groups and why they look the way they do today. In each lecture, learn about geologic time through fossils, and go into detail about the transitional forms of birds, whales, tetrapods, and much more!

Stand-alone Seminars

Wild Careers: A course specifically geared towards high school and college students (ages 14- 22). Find out about all the ways you can work in a zoo and what it takes to get these jobs. Experience behind-the-scenes chats with both our animal keepers and our management staff about the day-to-day highlights of their jobs, and the journey they took to get their jobs. 

Zoo Conservation and Stewardship: Learn about how zoos came to be and the history of Turtle Back Zoo. Discover the importance of zoos (education, conservation, rehabilitation) and how they help save our animal species globally. Also, learn about what it means to be an AZA accredited zoo and how these zoos uphold the guidelines for the wellbeing of their animals. 

Enriching Life (Animal Enrichment and Training)Touch, target, and tap! Find out how our keepers work with our animals in order to keep them mentally and physically healthy. Learn about the different types of enrichment and training and why it is important here at the zoo. 

  • Date February 12, 2021
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